Purpose: The GSA Mentorship Program is intended to answer any questions for the incoming GMBA cohort and offer support leading up to and during first semester. It provides new students with an opportunity to connect and form a relationship with a 2nd year who they have been matched with, and gain increased skills aimed to ensure success in the program.

Process: After 2nd year GMBAs have submitted their profiles, they will be posted here and first year students will have the opportunity to review. Afterwards, first year students are encouraged to email Iris Kan at Iris.Kan@temple.edu with their top 5 preferences. We will make every effort to match you based on your preferences, but cannot make any guarantees. You can expect your mentor to reach out within one week of submitting your preferences.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Iris Kan, Mentorship Chair, at Iris.Kan@temple.edu.