History of Temple University and Fox School of Business

April 2016

History of Temple University:
Unofficially founded in 1884 when a working Philadelphia man asked Minister Russel Conwell to tutor him at night. Conwell continued to take on more students and in 1888 received a charter for the tutoring sessions to become “The Temple College,” with the purpose of educating “workingmen and workingwomen on a benevolent basis, at an expense to the students just sufficient to enhance their appreciation of the advantages of the institution.” Conwell was inspired by the legend of Ali Hafed, which had themes of the value of education, ethics, family and community service. That culture is still evident at Temple today.

History of Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management
The business school was established in 1918 and accredited for undergraduates in 1934. The MBA program was added in 1942 and accredited in 1976. The school boasts a network of over 65,000 graduates from the undergraduate and graduate programs. As of Fall 2015, 1,160 students were enrolled in Fox graduate programs.

Current Leadership:
President of Temple University: Neil D. Theobald
Dean of Fox School of Business: Moshe Porat
The Owl:
Hooter the Owl was selected as the school’s mascot to recognize Temple’s history as a night school.
Fight Song:
T for Temple U
Fight, fight, fight!
For the Cherry and the White,
For the Cherry and the White,
We’ll fight, fight, fight!
Current Graduate Student Body:
1,160 across all programs: Full-time Global MBA, Part-time MBA, Online MBA, Specialized Masters
ABCs of Temple: http://theodysseyonline.com/temple/abcs-temple-university/360904

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